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27 Apr Care Sheet Furcifer Pardalis
wilkin 14 2202
Furcifer Pardalis chameleon Latin name: Furcifer Pardalis Dutch name: Panther Chameleon Provenance: The panther chameleon originates from Madagascar. It lives there in trees and large shrubs. Appea..
12 Dec How to mix Pangea diet
2 630
On the video below you can see how to mix Pangea Diet. The wide range of Pangea diets can be found here: diets are extremely suitable for fruit-eating ..
27 Apr Bio Active Terrarium Setup
wilkin 2 2632
In general, bioactive is the best way to keep your reptiles as pets. When we look at reptiles as a whole, some keepers fail because they don't properly maintain the big three when it comes to reptile ..
27 Apr Care Sheet Chamaeleo Calyptratus
wilkin 1 1776
Chamaeleo Calyptratus Latin name: Chamaeleo Calyptratus Dutch name: Yemen chameleon Provenance: The Calyptratus originates from Yemen and Saudi Arabia. It lives there in the oases and forests of the..
14 Jan New Pangea Bags
wilkin 1 876
New Year - New Bags You may have already seen the new Pangea Gecko Diet™ Bags while shopping on our site or maybe you've even received one already. The new Pouches are full of great new features, but..
27 Feb Live food animals or frozen food animals order!
wilkin 0 792
Did you know that you can also place Live food animals and frozen food animals with us? Twice a week, we receive fresh Live food animals on order. This means that you will always receive fresh food ..
04 Sep Pangea Jungle Vines
0 607
Available in green and brown.
27 Apr Caresheet Crested Gecko ( Wimper Gekko )
wilkin 0 3517
Crested geckos were once thought to be extinct, but around 1994 they were "rediscovered". Since then, their popularity as pets has steadily increased. They are a low-maintenance pet, well suited to ch..
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