New Year - New Bags

You may have already seen the new Pangea Gecko Diet™ Bags while shopping on our site or maybe you've even received one already. The new Pouches are full of great new features, but our gecko diet has remained the same nutritious and delicious food that your geckos know and love.

Pangea Gecko Diet with Insects 8 oz. bag

These bright new bags have a refreshed but familiar design. The first thing you'll probably notice is that they all feature our new logo! You'll notice that on many of our new products, and when we put existing products in their new packaging, our Pangea gecko foot logo can be seen. The gecko foot logo is an iconic silhouette that looks good anywhere. We are excited to put it on our flagship gecko diets.

You will notice that the text on the new bags has changed, but you can rest assured that you are still getting the same recipe as before. All the changes in wording are for consistency and clarity throughout our entire gecko diet line of products.

Instead of the tiger crested gecko that was on each bag, we have provided each flavor with a different morph. Our most popular flavor "with Insects" now features our beloved gecko, Patient Zero! One of our other popular diets "Growth & Breeding Formula" now showcases the "Cold Fusion" trait developed by Tom from Geckological. Other prominent crested gecko morphs include a super dalmatian like the famous Damn Daniel on the "with watermelon" flavor, the provocative super cappuccino morph on our "with apricot" flavor, an axanthic gecko on our "with papaya" flavor. Finally, we are excited to give our original flavor "Gecko Treat" its own pouch in Pangea Reptile™ blue with the always stunning red patternless morph. These exciting design changes are not the only novelties in our gecko diet pouches.

New features

Some of the most exciting elements are the new features we have implemented for the bags. Since we are always striving to improve our brand and products, we have listened to our customers and made some improvements to the zipper, added Pangea branded scoops to the 64oz bags, and added a unique authentication technology.

Pangea Gecko Diet Zipper

As you may know, opening and resealing bags of powder doesn't always go as planned. Therefore, we have improved the Zipper of our bags. This new Zipper is thicker and sturdier, making it close noticeably better. The attachment surface of the rZipper is wider and has a stronger adhesive to prevent the Zipper from ripping off the bag. This improved rZipper adds security and longevity to the gecko diet inside.



Pangea Gecko Diet Scoop

For those of you who purchase our 64oz. bags, you can now enjoy a free branded scoop in each bag. You can easily portion your gecko diets using the convenience of a handled scoop. You no longer have to toss around a large bag and shake powder everywhere when you need to make a batch of food for your geckos.




Authentication QR and Guilloche sample

One of the most noticeable changes is the QR code on the back of the bag and the unusual symbol below the QR. This innovation in our packaging technology is among the most exciting new additions. The symbol resembling a spirograph is known as a guilloche and, along with the corresponding QR code, is unique to each bag. When you scan the QR code, the link takes you to a page to authenticate your bag of Pangea Gecko Diet™. You will see the corresponding unique guilloche displayed on your browser.

The authentication technology offers peace of mind. By simply scanning your pouch with your phone, you can know that you have received an unadulterated, non-adulterated, authentic Pangea Gecko Diet™. We are excited to implement this new element to our gecko diets to assure our customers that they are receiving only the best Crestedgekko diets in the world!