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Box of House Crickets size 8

-Huiskrekel 8-Box House Crickets Size 8
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Box of House Crickets size 8
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Box of House Crickets size 8

Box of House Crickets size 8 is an ideal food for reptiles. These house crickets are a rich source of protein and nutrients essential for your pet's health. They are specially bred to meet the nutritional needs of reptiles. The box contains size 8 house crickets, which is ideal for medium-sized reptiles. In addition to providing nutrition, house crickets also stimulate your reptile's natural hunting and preying behavior. Add this high-quality food to your reptile's diet to ensure it gets all the nutrients it needs. Suitable for terrariums and reptile supplies.

House Crickets (Acheta domestica).
The house cricket is the most popular and sought-after food animal for reptiles.

  • size 8: approx. 25 mm / 30-35 pieces in box
  • Size 7: approx. 20 mm / 35-40 pieces in box
  • Size 6: approx. 15 mm / 50-55 pcs in box
  • size 5: approx. 10 mm / 60-65 pcs in box
  • size 4: approx. 7 mm / 75-80 pcs in box
  • size 2: approx. 3 mm / approx. 120 pcs in box

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