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Box of Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow"

-panda isopod-Box of Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow"
-panda isopod-Box of Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow"
-panda isopod-Box of Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow"
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-panda isopod-Box of Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow"
-panda isopod-Box of Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow"
-panda isopod-Box of Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow"
Box of Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow"
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Box of Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow"

The Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow" is a striking variety of the Porcellio laevis, also known as the dairy cow woodlouse. Let's find out a little more about these interesting little creatures:

  • General information:

    • The Porcellio laevis occurs worldwide and was first recorded in Britain in the 13th century. Probably this species originated in North Africa and then spread to Britain. Although they also occur in the Netherlands, they are not common.
    • In the wild, they usually live under dead wood, stones and in damp areas. You can even find them in gardens and around farms, where they hide in manure and compost piles.
    • These woodlice are about 18 to 23 mm long and have long, spear-shaped uropods (tail fins). Their dorsal shield is smooth and somewhat convex, without the characteristic pimples of other species such as the P. scaber.
    • They have two pairs of pleural lungs and eyes with multiple ocelli (pointed eyes).
  • Varieties:

    • Within the hobby, there are numerous varieties of the Porcellio laevis, each with unique drawings and colors. Some well-known varieties are:
      • "Wildtype of black"
      • "Orange"
      • "Milkback"
      • "Dalmatian"
      • "Ghost"
      • "Marbled"
      • "White"
      • And, of course, the popular "Dairy Cows"!
  • Care:

    • The DairyCow variety is loved by beginners and experienced keepers of woodlice. They are affordable, easy to keep and beautiful to look at.
    • They thrive at temperatures between 18 and 26 degrees Celsius and prefer moist environments.
    • Feed them a varied diet, including animal proteins such as fish food, dried crayfish, shrimp and snake feathers. They are not picky and will eat almost anything.

A box of Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow" usually contains 10 specimens. These little cows are not only a beautiful addition to terrariums, but also a great educational tool. You can observe their behavior, learn more about their life cycle and discover how they work together in a mini-ecosystem

We supply food animals with cold weather (below 10 degrees) or warm weather (above 21 degrees) at your own risk. We recommend that you order a Heat pack or Cool pack with them.

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