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27 Feb Live food animals or frozen food animals order!
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Did you know that you can also place Live food animals and frozen food animals with us? Twice a week, we receive fresh Live food animals on order. This means that you will always receive fresh food ..
04 Sep Pangea Jungle Vines
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Available in green and brown.
12 Dec How to mix Pangea diet
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On the video below you can see how to mix Pangea Diet. The wide range of Pangea diets can be found here: diets are extremely suitable for fruit-eating ..
27 Apr Care Sheet Chamaeleo Calyptratus
wilkin 0 392
Chamaeleo Calyptratus Latin name: Chamaeleo Calyptratus Dutch name: Yemen chameleon Provenance: The Calyptratus originates from Yemen and Saudi Arabia. It lives there in the oases and forests of the..
27 Apr Habistat Schildpaddenvoer
wilkin 0 467
Habistat has a new line for turtle food. It is available in 3 different flavours, Meadow, fruit & Flower and banana.   ..
27 Apr Caresheet Crested Gecko ( Wimper Gekko )
wilkin 0 579
Crested geckos were once thought to be extinct, but around 1994 they were "rediscovered". Since then, their popularity as pets has steadily increased. They are a low-maintenance pet, well suited to ch..
27 Apr Bio Active Terrarium Setup
wilkin 0 653
In general, bioactive is the best way to keep your reptiles as pets. When we look at reptiles as a whole, some keepers fail because they don't properly maintain the big three when it comes to reptile ..
27 Apr Care Sheet Furcifer Pardalis
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Furcifer Pardalis chameleon Latin name: Furcifer Pardalis Dutch name: Panther Chameleon Provenance: The panther chameleon originates from Madagascar. It lives there in trees and large shrubs. Appea..
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