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Porcellio Laevis "California mix" 10 pieces

-Cali mix-Porcellio Laevis "California mix" 10 pieces
Porcellio Laevis "California mix" 10 pieces
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Porcellio Laevis "California mix" 10 pieces

Bring variety and useful activity to your terrarium with the Porcellio Laevis "California Mix"! This unique mix of woodlice, native to various regions of California, offers a vibrant color palette and irreplaceable tasks within your ecosystem. With this set of 10, you can easily create a dynamic and stable environment in your bioactive terrarium.

Key Features:

Varied Colors:
The "California Mix" consists of woodlice with different hues, which is not only functional but also visually appealing for your terrarium.

Effective Waste Pickers:
Porcellio Laevis woodlice are excellent scavengers that help break down organic material such as leaves, feces, and dead plants. As a result, they contribute to a clean, healthy ecosystem.

Perfect for Bioactive Terrariums:
This mix is ideal for bioactive setups, where they provide a balanced and self-sustaining Terrarium.

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