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Reptiblock ReptiShine 10000ml

ReptiBlock-repshine500-Reptiblock ReptiShine 10000ml
Reptiblock ReptiShine 10000ml
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  • Brand: ReptiBlock
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  • Model: repshine1000
  • Weight: 500.00Gr

ReptiShine 1000ml

ReptiShine is the best glass cleaner you've ever used; fly droppings - snail slime - fingerprints are removed in an instant!

Spray and Whipe principal: it's designed to leave no residue, so it's perfectly safe to clean the inside of your patio glass too!
Be sure to remove animals before spraying in the terrarium, it has a 60% alcohol vapor.

  • Safe for animals - no residue
  • Leaves no streaks
  • 60% alcohol
  • 100% biodegradable

Reptiblock ReptiShine 10000ml

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