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Scaber "Moo Cow" 10 pieces

-moo cow-Scaber "Moo Cow" 10 pieces
Scaber "Moo Cow" 10 pieces
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  • Model: moo cow
  • Weight: 150.00Gr

Scaber "Moo Cow" 10 pieces

Meet the Scaber "Moo Cow" woodlice, a special and attractive species for any terrarium enthusiast! These unique woodlice, with their distinctive mottled black and white color pattern, add not only functionality to your terrarium but also visual appeal. The set of 10 makes it easy to maintain and enrich your ecosystem.

Key Features:

Unique Color:

The Scaber "Moo Cow" woodlice are famous for their striking mottled black and white color, making them an interesting addition to your terrarium

Natural Cleaners:

These woodlice help break down organic material such as leaves and animal waste, contributing to a clean and healthy ecosystem.

Ideal for Bioactive Setups:

They are perfect for bioactive terrariums and vivariums, where they help maintain a balanced and self-cleaning terrarium

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