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Scaber woodlice 10 pieces

-Scaber-Scaber woodlice 10 pieces
Scaber woodlice 10 pieces
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Scaber woodlice 10 pieces

Meet the Scaber woodlice, an excellent choice for terrarium and biodegradation enthusiasts! These versatile and useful woodlice are ideal for maintaining a clean and healthy ecosystem in your terrarium. Scaber woodlice are known for their diligent ability to break down organic waste, making them crucial to any terrarium environment.

Key Features:

Excellent Decomposers:
Scaber woodlice play an essential role in the terrarium by effectively breaking down and recycling organic material such as feces, dead leaves and fungi.

Healthy Living Environment:
Through their constant clean-up efforts, they help reduce fungal and bacterial growth, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment for all your terrarium animals.

Easy to Breed:
These woodlice reproduce quickly under the right conditions, allowing you to maintain a sustainable population.

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