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Box of House Crickets size 4

-Huiskrekel 4-Box House Crickets Size 4
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Box of House Crickets size 4
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Box of House Crickets size 4

The Box of House Crickets Size 4 is an essential product for reptile enthusiasts. These house crickets are nutritious and provide a good source of nutrition for your pets. They are specially selected and packaged in a convenient box. The box contains size 4 house crickets, which are perfect for small to medium-sized reptiles. Give your reptiles a healthy and varied diet with the Box of House Crickets Size 4.

House Crickets (Acheta domestica).
The house cricket is the most popular and sought-after food animal for reptiles.

  • size 8: approx. 25 mm / 30-35 pieces in box
  • Size 7: approx. 20 mm / 35-40 pieces in box
  • Size 6: approx. 15 mm / 50-55 pcs in box
  • size 5: approx. 10 mm / 60-65 pcs in box
  • size 4: approx. 7 mm / 75-80 pcs in box
  • size 2: approx. 3 mm / approx. 120 pcs in box

We deliver food animals with cold weather (below 10 degrees) or warm weather (above 21 degrees) at your own risk. We recommend that you order a Heat pack or Cool pack in addition.

If you would like more info or a weekly order of food animals please feel free to email us with your questions.

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